Mittwoch, 5. September 2012

A long time later....

Good morning everyone,

it's been a while (pretty exactly one year) that I have
written something into this blog... that's because a lot
of things have happened. Among them being minor things
like the hardest work season of my life in late 2011,
followed by writing a science fiction novella (not
published...yet), returning to my home province and
finally moving from a small city apartment to a huge house
in the rural backwater. Oh, I've changed jobs, too, of
From my warehouse company to a small, ambitious start-up
developing a really cool electric microcar. The team is
awesome, as are the work conditions. Content-wise, it's a
dramatic shift from the rather dull daily operations stuff
as department head to the creative tasks you get as
product manager for an innovative product.
But that's not the main reason for today's entry... as I
mentioned before, I moved from the province capital to a
small town - which is a lovely change when you look solely
at the place of living itself.
At some 18 years of age, the building isn't even a fifth
of the age of our previous home. It's got floor heating, a
garden, a balcony, a big basement, all the bells and
whistles you would expect for a huge amount of money.
Well, not so huge when looking at the size you get, and
even smaller when compared to the rents in the closest
city, Jena, where I also work.
But more on that later...

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