Freitag, 7. September 2012

Adding the ads and odding the odds!

Good morning!

Originally I had planned to post the third part of my pre-written "back-again" text, but seeing to the heavy decline in popularity of this blog (traffic down about 40% during the last two days), something more entertaining than the original rant about how bad other people drive is in order. I'm making this up as I write, so please be forgiving if the text is crappy.
Also, before you continue reading, please bear in mind that I write this blog not only to have a platform where I can post the disorganized stuff floating through my brain, but primarily to get filthily rich. At the current rate - below two dollars a year in ad revenue - this would take approximately 500,000 years, and result in only average richness. It is also not satisfactory due to practical reasons - although I can't be sure as to how it will be for myself, experience has shown that only an extremely limited number of humans (about zero) reach an age like that. So, one remedy to that is in your hands, dear reader: click on the ads around, it's like a donation for me that doesn't cost you anything. Awesome, eh? Plus, it might actually lead you to a site that may be of interest to you.
Now, as I can't really come up with a way to inform you about past years' events, I'll simply start by giving you a little introduction what the book I've written is about:
The working title is Epsilon Eridani, much like the popular star system you've heard so much about, and it's set in - you might have already guessed - the Epsilon Eridani star system. Humanity has ventured into space, ever curious and ever conquering, as it has done like millenia. Join Commander Stevenson as he and his crew set out to explore a new star system, only to discover secrets and surprises no one of them expected!
Currently, the cover is being designed, and there's only some formatting and stuff to be done. Once I'm through with that, it'll be published as ebook for a very modest price. Regardless of its success, I've already started outlining a second novella, set in the same universe, and to be finished and released within this year as well.
If you found all this to be interesting, please tell your friends, or post the link to this blog around the web. I'm also happy to write whatever you want me to, from short essays to short stories or my analysis of some major stuff going on in the world. Comment, and spread the word!


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