Samstag, 8. September 2012

Story time!

Yes! Another post! That's the fourth day I'm keeping it up. And even more amazing, there's still people around who read it. Thanks to you, guys!
So, still no comments, which is kind of sad... seriously, it'll be more fun for me writing stuff according to your preferences than just having to think myself ;)
You won't even have to use complete sentences, just utter something and one or two days later there'll be a text here which miraculously relates to what you have written! Sounds boring? Well, eat my shorts, then. For those of you who find the idea interesting, here's an example how it could look like:
As (yet fictional) user comment, I've just taken a random comment to a random youtube video. As I write this, I'm now opening youtube, open the first clickable video, and copy-paste the first (not most-liked) comment. Attention.... it says: "50 people ate too much fresh fruit."
This is, apparently, a random user comment to a Monty Python sketch. Now, for the sake of authenticity, we will pretend that this very commentor had not posted on youtube, but on this blog, in order for me to create an intriguing story out of his nonsensical rambling.
Oh, look, someone posted a comment that shall be the basis for a story. Let's write the story to it!

We are in the calm small town of Lakeville in northern South Nebrahoma, where 11-year-old Jimmy and his family have been living an average American life far from the liberal coasts. Jimmy's dad, let's call him Walter, works for the security of the largest local employer, the candy manufacturer "Sugarland" (I sincerely hope that there is no real company with that name...if there is: please let me know before sueing me, I'll remove the name at once) who has been supplying the market with delicous products made of corn syrup and food coloring. Jimmy's mom is a homemaker and cares for him and his older, 15 year old sister Catherine as good as she can, which is not much to be honest.
One day, Jimmy is extremely bored after school, and decides to venture out into the lovely surroundings of Lakeville - doing so on his own, as his mother is busy doing the laundry or so she says and his sister doesn't like him much, anyways. So he takes his bike and starts to ride it out of the town limits, along the old route 467. After a while, he notices a change in the landscape, from residential to a more natural, random form...

Well, tell you the truth, I'm out of ideas right now how Jimmy's adventure will proceed, but tomorrow there'll be more to read. See you then, and don't forget to click the ads! (I'm already at the point where I have to work for money...)

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