Montag, 29. August 2011

First day in Koblenz

It's Monday now, but a very unusual one: I'm currently in Koblenz on a one-week training, together with a colleague. Yesterday the weekend ended even earlier than usual, when I had to leave a 5 pm, heading for my beloved Hesse company.
There we met, and continued to Koblenz, which took us another three hours, thanks to the great "German Engineering" in our Volkswagen Golf (Rabbit in the US) - the gps sent us on the highway right into a traffic jam!
Now today was the first day of training, and it was a hell of a lot of stuff. Quite theoretic, but thanks to a very charismatic and entertaining trainer the day passed quickly. The hotel is ok-ish, in the center of Koblenz near the "German Corner", where the Mosel and Rhine rivers meet. Hopefully a lovely place, but it's still some minutes until we head off to see more of the area.
The weekend was really nice, too, as we visited the school where my wife works since this month. A private school (still somewhat uncommon in Germany), multilingual (German, English, French), and absolutely lovely compared to the barracks my generation used to learn stuff in. She's also very happy with it, although it means driving some 50 kms one-way to get there (it's in the city of Jena).
Well, we'll see what the week brings...

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