Mittwoch, 24. August 2011

Work and Stuff

Yeah, so I told you about this very important event at work today, which was basically just the most important meeting in this quarter. It was quite boring, content-wise, and embarrassing for me as I addressed the most important customer represantative with the wrong name. The third time. Ouch. He knows mine, which makes it even worse.
Well, for a variety of reasons (the most obvious being the distance from home) I'm quite unhappy with my dayjob, as are millions of other people. It's just that most of them don't know better, whereas I had the great fortune to see and work at a lot of different places. My sister, who's been with the same company for almost 25 years now, once told me that I should get used to my work.
While this is well-meant, I prefer to keep looking for other opportunities. It's of course never as easy pointing on a map, going there and get a great job. But it's well worth the effort. Working abroad was great for me and lots of fun, but more on that later...

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