Donnerstag, 25. August 2011

Old memories brought up again

This day was really boring at work, but made up for it by a nice encounter in the evening: seeing Julian again, a former colleague (he quit two months ago) whom I really like a lot, and his sister. She's going to Australia soon, with the work and travel program - one of the things I'd really like to do myself, but I guess I'm too old now. She's really brave, however, saying that her English is not that good. But it'll improve with more practice. We spent the evening chatting about her trip first, when the conversation slowly went down the usual path and it was all about my work again. Maybe I'll head back to Canada one day...

Also, I found a great used car on the web which I intend to buy. It's basically just my car again (even the same build month), but with a few more miles, manual gear and the large engine. Especially the later two parts got my attention - if I trade in my current ride, it'll be just a few hundred bucks for a nice 193 hp. Maybe I'll head over to Hannover soon to take a look at it.

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